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Oil Prices

We are going to $50 a barrel oil. Didn't Lindsey Williams say that he was told by high ly places sources of information in the oil industry tell him that this was "the Plan" months ago? (yes he did)

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from youtube #3: "2 huge oil fields to open and flood the world with cheap oil - Indonesia and Russia - to bring the price down to $50. This will bankrupt the Arab world including Iran. This will crash the US dollar as they sell all of their reserve dollars." Don't remember any oil field announcements like that. How would they ship it all so quickly to flood the market?

from youtube #4 & 5: "McCain will become president." I guess there's still time, but this hasn't happened.

Why would one of these elites be going to church?

I don't think I buy this guy's story. The conclusion certainly seems to be that of everyone else in this camp, but the predicted path is incorrect.