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Scamera Revolt Continues, Invades Fox 10 Sunday

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Anti-scam activists continue their crusade, this time on Fox 10's prime-time news. Is DPS getting the message? They don't seem so eager to appear on video anymore, and have backed off of their chest-pounding a wee bit. Video after the jump...

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Comment by Justin Avery
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A paint ball gun would probably be more effective, and the purpatrators would not even hve to get out of the car!!!

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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RickStone do you mind posting your I.P. address so everyone knows who you are or should we do the honors?

Comment by Richard Stone
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It would be so wrong and so much fun to target practice with a paint ball gun on these cameras. What ever you do, don't do that and don't pass this idea along. And remember don't wear a mask while doing it. Happy hunting !

Comment by Brock Lorber
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"If the post-it notes distract the drivers, kind of like the cameras already do..."

Classic. Malto bene.