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Could Yellowstone earthquakes be another end-of-times sign?

It has been reported that approximately 500 small earthquakes measuring up to 3.9 magnitude have occurred at Yellowstone since December 27 of last year. It is being said that although tremors are common in this area, it is not common to have so m

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Comment by Ed Price
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There are only two requirements to keep the end-of-times from happening. All the rest of the signs - like the quakes in Jellystone - have happened over and over throughout time. The 2 requirements are:
1. That the world does not become overly wicked - that is, that the golden rule is practiced for real somewhat between people and nations in general;
2. That the knowledge of the salvation offered by Jesus doesn't ever quite make it to all the peoples of the world.

Of course, the end-of-times happens for everybody, personally, when they die.

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