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Toyota, Honda, Ford Say U.S. December Sales Fell More Than 30%

“If consumer confidence doesn’t snap back soon, it’s going to be difficult for the automakers,” said John Wolkonowicz, an analyst with IHS Global Insight. “It isn’t just GM, Ford, Chrysler that are suffering from this. It is the entire auto industry

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Comment by Chris Kaiser (17816)
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Considering that previous car sale numbers (price levels and sales volume) were only possible with an artificial credit bubble, the market will have to adapt to the new paradigm of reasonable lending standards. Asset prices must fall to meet the new reality, and no government intervention will be able to keep house of cards propped up.

Correction - The fed could keep prices propped up if they wish to destroy the dollar. They may actually want to, so that we can monetize our federal debt. Who knows anymore.