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Israel Has No Right To Exist<br>by Puck T. Smith

• The Libertarian Enterprise
I have been watching with horror as the current escalation of violence between the government of Israel and Hamas thrusts itself upon the consciousness of the world. It has prompted me to consider the oft repeated canard about Israel's "righ

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Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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There are many countries on this planet whose boundaries were artificially created, including a good deal of the Arab world. Jordan is one example, which was created by the U.N. at the same time as Israel. Muslim on Muslim violence is quite horrific, but I see very little protest about that. Not even women's groups protest when 12-year-olds are raped and then stoned to death for "dishonoring" their family. I agree that Israel re-entering Gaza was a major mistake. However, when I see people saying none of these other places should exist either, then maybe I'll believe you aren't a Jew hater.

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