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Currencies Trading All Over the Map

• Washington Post
Currencies including the dollar and the euro have entered a period of extreme volatility that is hindering global commerce and adding further uncertainty to a world economy facing its worst downturn in decades.

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Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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I have heard over the years that the volume traded on the Forex daily is in the rang of $1.5 trillion. Lately I have heard that it is up to $3.5 to $4 trillion - per day, probably in part because of the declining US dollar.
What other factors figure in - besides a declining US dollar?
Is the fact of an international Internet and ease-of-getting a Forex account part of it?
Is this a sign that the advances in economic control worldwide, made by the International Monetary Fund and/or its predecessors over the last 100 years, is about to collapse?
If the people in the US can no longer rely on foreign-made goods because of poor international money relations, will we be able to start over, re-manufacturing everything for ourselves?
If a true and final money collapse is sudden, will there be a real emergency situation where the US will really fall under dictatorship through the Emergency Powers Act?
Should we trust anybody who seems to have an answer to the money problem?