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Congress Meets to Formally Shred the Constitution and Burn the Flag

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If no U.S. Senator or Representative stands up and DEMANDS PROOF of Mr. Obama's 'Natural-Born Citizen' status, just what does that say about 'law in America'?

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Comment by Frank Henry
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Hi Ed,

"...verify the certificates and count the votes of the

This is the only action that Congress performed

My speculation is that Congress did not debate
the question of "natural born citizen" was because
it may be a settled issue as far a Congress is
concern; or, Congress is aware that the question
of "natural born citizen" may be placed before the
US Supreme Court.

Let us hope that Obama's "natural born
citizenship qustion" is fully resolved and that we
are not hooked on immaterial paperwork defects.

Thanks and Good Luck
Frank Henry
Cottonwood, Arizona
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