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Hamas is a child of Israel

• Jim Bovard
Perhaps the single largest mistake in the history of the Israeli government’s long war on terrorism was its covert financing, cosseting, and arming of Hamas, the Islamic resistance movement. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon denounced Hamas as “the

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Obviously Israel's government made a HUGE error in giving money to Muslim organization hoping religion would help to undermine the influence of the PLO.

They have learned first hand the idiocy and immorality of foreign aid since it has come back to bite them. Unlike the U.S. government, at least the Israelis learned not to feed the hand that could bite them.

On this point, Bovard is right.

But Bovard's calling the sentence he cites in the Congressional resolution as being "absurd" is absurd in and of itself.

One need only read Hamas's covenant (link below) to see their true intent which is the destruction of Israel and the slaugher of the Jews.

Hamas in its own words: