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Renegade Nevada claims election bellwether status

• AP
When it comes to voting in presidential elections, the maverick state is as mainstream as it gets. (Yet, the Ron Paul Revolution was perhaps strongest there. Hmmmmmmm.)

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Comment by Mike Shipley
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Three headed lizards are people too!!

Comment by Brock Lorber
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No. Three-headed lizards are overqualified as voters and, as such, are too opinionated to sway by politicking. Just set the rules such that they have to show 4 forms of ID to vote and concentrate on other areas.

Like Missouri. And, Arizona. Spend lots of time politicking in Arizona.

Comment by Found Zero
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Are three headed lizards any less qualified than average American voters?

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Oh, God, no. This is blatant lies and falsified stats.

Nevada has nothing to do with politics. Please do not pay any attention to Nevada. Ignore us to your benefit.

In fact, there is nothing known as Nevada outside of the Strip and the Nevada test site. The Strip is entirely made of tourists, so pander to them in their own states. The test site has only 3-headed lizards that can only vote under specified conditions.

I repeat, there are no voters in Nevada. Please do not waste valuable pandering dollars here. That is all.

I'm serious.

No pandering.