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Tony Blankley on Fox News - America needs a draft to survive

• Daily Newscaster
Columnist Tony Blankley appears on Fox News to promote the idea of a “universal draft” in America. “I don’t like it, I love the volunteer army … but we don’t have enough troops."

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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What`s the problem Blankley,have you run out of "Illegals" to fill the ranks?
Maybe you can,somehow,get the "H1b`s",and the ,"H2b`s" to join...there everywhere Americans use to! at work.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Things are looking up for America.
The fact that less,and less Americans are willing to kill innocent man,women,and children in an "Unconstitutional"war is very uplifting to me.
Maybe our young are waking up to the reality of this "Invasion",and the need to stay home and protect their own country........America.