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An Obamanation: 2009 Inauguration to cost over $160 Million

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[and no place to pee] While the US economy is in the midst of what may be the worst economic crisis ever, our great nation is preparing to throw a party to celebrate the election of our soon to be president, Barack Obama.

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I found your site linking to my content and placing it within an iframe, this is not polite nor something I will allow. The ramblings on my site are mine, taking it, changing the title and image does not make it yours. I literally started the site 2 weeks ago and don't need to be penalized for duplicate content because some site such as this is stealing it and putting it under your url. If you cant write your own content, don't steal mine and change it.

Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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I guess we've started "sharing the pain" already.