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What Would You Do With 4 Billion Dollars?

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For the folks behind the Decade of the Mind initiative, the answer is simple: Spend it. On neuroscience. (With Taxpayer's $$$$$)

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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The Human Genome Initiative (HGI) was budgeted $3 billion and spent $2.7 billion?!!!!

The HGI was a 40 year project. Whole careers were planned. One man with an alternate idea killed the lifetime career plans of many thousands of people in abut three years with a better idea that of course was rejected as impossible. Yes, Craig Venter was a mighty unpopular fellow. But now he and his privately funded company showed the way to relatively inexpensive and rapid DNA sequencing of whole genomes. And those scientists still managed to spend their 40 year budget in what maybe four or five years?