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Bailout Money Used To Buy Luxury Jet

• Melinda Carey

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Comment by White Marriott
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Corporations are govt. entities. They make about as much sense as govt. and work almost as inefficiently.

I'm not against business, or even big business... just the socialism and fascism that is so prevalent in America.

Comment by James Sparks
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These criminals need to be thrown off that jet right over a newly opened Alcatraz where they can enjoy their own private Island since they like such lavish luxury at the expense of others! That would be tax money well spent.

Comment by Richard Stone
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More rich pigs wasting the taxpayers money ! I have to gather and burn wood so that I can afford my heating bills and I have never had to do that in the past. I have to buy store brand food and I never had to do that in the past. When are these bastards ever going to be held accountable for this out right abuse? This makes me sick to my stomach.