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How Safe Is the U.S. Army's Body Armor?

• via Yahoo! News
The U.S. Army has ordered a recall of more than 16,000 sets of body armor after an audit by the inspector general of the Defense Department concluded that they failed tests to meet Army specifications.

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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Remember when the Defense Dept. said soldiers were prohibited from purhasing and wearing "DragonSkin" body-armor because it supposedly was fraudulently making claims as to its effectiveness. Those claims later bore out to be true, but under pressure from their current supplier of body-armor (Armor Holdings, who has a plant in Tempe), the Army refused to rescind their ban on "DragonSkin", and our boys still can't get it.

Then we find out the defective armor product is in fact the one they are issued!

I hope when some of these boys go off their rocker due to PTSD after they rotate back to the world, they take some the assholes responsible for this farce with them.