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SEC pummeled as Madoff whistleblower testifies

• Reuters
Harry Markopolos, a former investment manager who tried to warn U.S. regulators about Bernard Madoff, joined lawmakers in blasting the Securities and Exchange Commission but said he was forwarding more tips to the agency.

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Comment by Richard Stone
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I guess it is time to give everyone in the SEC a promotion and a bonus for screwing up so bad. Nobody will be held accountable and everybody will play the finger pointing /cover your ass game. Nothing will get done, nobody will ever pay for this. It is business as usual by the government and as usual the only one that gets screwed and stuck with the bill is the taxpayers. This is so predictable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The time is comming that the people will rise up against the culture of greed and corruption in Washington! All you politicians out there, be afraid !