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500 TV Stations Still Plan to Make Digital Switch Next Week

• Washington Post
With millions of U.S. viewers still apparently unprepared for the nation's switch to digital TV, nearly 500 full-power television stations across the nation are preparing to move ahead with the transition and drop traditional over-the-air broadca

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Comment by Jim Kaiser (15367)
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Unprepared? - No!

I cancelled my cable a few months ago.

I'm tired of government regulating me in any way.

They already tell me how much power my fridge can use and how much water I can have in my toilet tank. Now they are terying to tell me and providers of television content what kind of signal we gan broadcast and recieve?


I guess my next battle will be with my Homeowners association over the big antenna I'm going to have to install in front of my condo. (pretty damn funny, because I'm the same one who faught for the right of homeowners to put up satellite dishes just a few yearas ago)