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Barack Hussein Obama is officially unemployed

• Linda Bentley
The Supreme Court has acknowledged repeatedly -- in writing -- that unconstitutional government has no effect whatsoever. None. It's as if it never existed. Therefore, boys and girls, "Obama who?"

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Comment by Charzhome S.
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No need to guess. There are numerous concise, clear definitons for "natural-born citizen" on the Net; Obama fails utterly to qualify under any of them.

Google would bring up many URLS.

Comment by Frank Henry
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Yes the US constitution requires that the president
and vice president shall be a natural born US

Seems to me that US Code defines that at least
one of the parents must be a US citizen to be a
"natural born US citizen".

Seems to me that the news media has covered the
issue by stating that one of Obama's parents is a
US citizen.

Under the US constitution if a person is accused
of doing something against our laws, that person
is assumed to be innocent until the accusers can
prove otherwise before a court of law. So let the
accuser state their case....what law is broken...
and what are your facts.


Comment by Billy Mills
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It's about time to get rid of this tyrannical Idiot. He is Ruining OUR Country. He doesn't Own OUR Country, WE, THE PEOPLE OWNS OUR CVOUNTRY. When will this occur and Has he been served Notice of Deporattion ???. I'mk a Veteran and will Not Salute, MR. Obama. He is Not the Prsident and will do all that I can to make sure that he and his Prison (6) will not Prvail. We need to get bacxk to being a Strong Christian Nation ans Abolish Tyranny in OUR Country, Get rid of all of the Corruption In OUR Government if that includes all of the Congress and the Senate.