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Outrageous Police Abuse in Milwaukee Wisconsin

At roughly 2:15 am on Nov 2, Vincent Sims and I were crossing the intersection of Highland Ave on Water St when two police officers yelled from half a block away for us to

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Comment by Brooklynn
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i wish people would stop insisting that they have certain rights. when a cop asks you a question. just answer and do it politely. i'm not saying it's right. it's not. but that's the way to stay out of trouble. we need to start treating them as the person they really are--the enemy--and not who you hope they were--the protectors of our communities. you wouldn't be so aggressive against a thug in a dark alley would you? you wouldn't stand there and demand that HE respect your liberties. if you go to jail, that's your own fault. NOT that it's right, again, but people really need to wise up.

there's a way of dealing with this, and it's not by trying to prove you have rights that have long since been taken away!

Comment by Fascist Nation
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The Milgram Experiment was recently repeated with similar results. So it should not surprise you -- especially when government prepared and administered psychology tests are given to applicants -- that they can get the very candidates they seek to fulfill their wishes. For most people all it takes is a fine hat and a badge, and they can sleep well at night.

Comment by Hawkeye
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The "Police" don`t seem to have any problems finding the type of person they want to fill their ranks.
It disturbs me to no end to know that there are so many applicants available.
Has anyone thought of infiltrating these so called "Academies" just to see what is,and what isn`t being taught there?
How do these so called "Academies" pick who will be,and who will not be a 'Cop"?
What is the cryteior?