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Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism on the Geithner Financial Fiasco


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Comment by Brock Lorber
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The interviewer acted exactly like anyone who was tasked to make sense of the rantings of crazy cat lady.

I**Q**m sure Smith could contradict herself more in that amount of time, but she**Q**d really have to concentrate on it:

1) Geithner has no spine or plan - Geithner must nationalize banks and run them correctly

2) The bank CEOs must be cleared out - the bank CEOs must be replaced by the **QQ**experienced**QQ** bank CEOs that originally overlevered their banks

3) Buying **QQ**bad**QQ** overvalued assets is bad - buying **QQ**good**QQ** overvalued assets is good

4) Banks and their shareholders are too protective of whatever assets they have left - we must steal whatever assets they have left

5) **QQ**Bad**QQ** bank nationalizations are bad - **QQ**good**QQ** bank nationalizations are good

6) Somebody could determine which assets are **QQ**good**QQ** and which nationalization plan is **QQ**good**QQ** - none of the assembled players know **QQ**good**QQ** from **QQ**bad**QQ**

Insane rantings.

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