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Foreclosed $1.6 Million Homes Thrashed by Former Owners

Jim the Realtor made this 4 minute video in Chula Vista, California.

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Comment by Barbara Peterson
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Not all people who lose homes are high risk borrowers who never should have had the loans to begin with. Some of them actually qualified for the loans, and through no fault of their own, lost their jobs to foreign workers who work for a bowl of rice a day. The company they worked for decided it was cheaper to go to another country, and too bad for the Americans with the house payments.

If I spent my money on fixing up my house, put in new appliances, etc., and the bank would not work with me in a loan modification program to keep my house because my income was lower, you bet I would take the improvements with me. No way I would leave them for the Deutschbanks of this world. Its not stealing if you paid for it.