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A Tenth Amendment Commission is not the Answer

• The Price of Liberty
The Founders believed the system of limited government, coupled with the additional restraint enumerated in the Tenth Amendment would form an impregnable shield to protect the States and their people from any abuse of power by the federal government.

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Comment by Ed Price
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One of the greatest freedoms that the Federal Government has is their right to contract. They can contract all over the place around the whole Constitution and Bill of Rights as long as they don't overstep certain bounds. And they do, in the form of treaties.

The two great problems with this are, proving it when they overstep their bounds, and not being propaganda-ized into believing that these treaties have anything to do with us - except, of course, when we agree with "them" that the treaties do.

Doesn't it seem that the vast majority of the people in the US believe that they are under the Government in ways that Government has no authority to be over them? And when law enforcement believes it ... .