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Barack Obama in Phoenix Arizona 2-18-09

• WeAreChangeAZ YouTube
VIDEO (This video is very well done and a very good representation of what actually happened here in Phoenix,... not what the Lame-Stream Media said happened. Please watch this quality production by our friends here in Arizona)

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Comment by Drew
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I posted the video to


Comment by Charzhome S.
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Why would they pull this - it's not that inflammatory (?)

Comment by Kathy Mitchell
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The video has already been pulled? Where can we view it now?

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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It is becoming more obvious that YouTube is going to be far more inconsistent as the revolution progresses. The idea that, "The Revolution won't be televized,... but it will be YouTubed all to heck", isn't going to hold up in my opinion.

Sites like FreedomsPhoenix will be taking on the battle using our own servers (this video will be available from our own servers by tonight) but then the ISPs will be pressured and then and then and then...

Sooner or later there will be space based private satellite servers with Moon base backups that have automated railgun defenses etc etc.

Just the way it is.

Comment by Barry Hess
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Why is the video "no longer available?"

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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I disagree with the statement 'a very good representation of what actually happened here in Phoenix'. It does not do the event justice from what I saw and experienced, that is why I am producing my own video - look for it soon.

Good Job Drew in the footage you got, but it doesn't truly represent the unhappy campers that were present that day. You got the small crowd of people chanting 'O-BA-MA!' but not us on the other side chanting 'CONSTI-TU-TION!'
theye were a LOT more of us than them there, but you can't tell by this video. - Ed