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Mexico in Freefall: Obama's Staged Test?


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Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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To get a better understanding of the situation south of our border log on to the M3 Report of the Retired Border Patrol Agents. It**Q**s worse than you can imagine, and it**Q**s coming here.
Which brings me to Point One: the Mexican population is asking their government to change their constitution and let them defend themselves with ,OMG, guns. The narco**Q**s have started taking out civilians as well as each other, and the civilians know what**Q**s necessary.
Point B being our own government begins to follow its Constitution and removes itself from the drug regulation business, which would remove the cost/expense function from the equasion at all levels of our society.
People on both sides of the border will understand the practicality of these suggestions, but in both cases a government would have to be convinced to trust its citizens. There**Q**s your problem.

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