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Arizona in Fiscal Freefall: Brewer to urge action to avert 'catastrophe'

Gov. Jan Brewer will address a rare joint session of the Legislature on Wednesday evening, when she will detail a state in fiscal freefall...

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Unfortunately their solution is to ask the citizens to raise their taxes in a recession. In a special election, so you know it will pass because they want it. With promises of cuts.

Well I say, if they need help cutting government I would be happy to take a day or two and help them reduce their budget to say a tenth of what it was back in 1990. Somehow I don't think I will get that call.

But here let me help: Arizona's CONstitution states that education must be as nearly free as possible. Well, the key word operating now under the gross mismanagement of the past decade by the legiscritters, the Reno-clone and the "voters" is possible. It is no longer possible.