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Why I Reject The Libertarian Party

• Christine Smith's Blog
It is a party with a history of betraying libertarian principles.

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Comment by Michael Crass
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I WAS a BIG fan of Christine Smith. I agreed with her on practically everything. I agree with her opinion in this piece. I was a member of the LP long before she was and for at least a decade. I ran for Congress on the LP ticket twice. I also left the LP long before she did and for the same reasons. The sell-out was sickening and I could see the LP was becoming a Republican and a conservative party.

Anyway, Christine was on my friends list on MySpace. I was VERY happy to have her as a friend. However, I posted a pro-Bob Barr piece and immediately she deleted herself from my friends list! However, I guess in her holy self-righteous zeal she missed the anti-Bob Barr piece I also posted. As a libertarian free-thinker I usually like to post ALL sides of an issue. At this time I was undecided on what to think about Bob Barr. I wasn't a pro or con zealot like Smith purging people who may have a contrary opinion. THAT is NOT libertarianism either!

I think Christine Smith is just as bad as the people she opposes. Like them, she is right and everyone else is wrong. If I ever rejoin the LP, I'm glad Smith will NOT be there!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Amen. I hope Colorado's is better than National.