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Obama: Operation 'Enduring Fiefdom'

• AP
Overseeing a dispirited nation, President Barack Obama sought to assure people that bleak times will give way to better days, calling the mounting economic crisis a time to discover America's next "great opportunity."

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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It looks like their are allot of "Crooks" coming from Obama`s home town/state.
Isn`t that odd?
How`s "Acorn" doing these day`s?
Been to any "CFR" meetings lately?
I must have missed it when Obama told everyone where he got his expierence in "Economics" and "Foreign Relations"..would someone please tell me? OR!! is he really the "Savior"? ha ha ha ha ROFL

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Obama said that most Americans agree that we need a "New World Order" that Obamas "Next Great Opportunity" ?
Why have I not met one American that is looking forward to a "NWO"?
Where does this NAZI get his numbers?.I know! he makes them up,and then the Media blows them up,and tells how great America will be under Obamas leadership.... ROFL
I think we should put all of the Media on the same ship,
The new "Lusitania (sp) maybe.

Comment by Aaron Stichter
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I think the "great opportunity" during this time is our chance to educate the nation of our cause. Great organizations such as the Campaign for Liberty, Mises Institute, Lew Rockwell, Freedom's Phoenix studio, etc....

Like the name of this site, this country must rise out of the ashes of our moral failures and learn from those among us who didn't forget.