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It Has Begun

• Freedom Fighter
Revolution is a beast that lives deep within our souls. a beast that is the essence of human love. Born from the molds of truth,reason, and justice.

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Comment by CharS
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Revolutions require _conspiracists_, not metaphor-challenged goons parading themselves in glorious color on the worldwideweb.
Can you imagine hearing "This is John Galt speaking......and my address is....." Sheesh!

Comment by Hawkeye
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So far,this guy is just one more "Bag Of Hot Air".
I see him standing there all covered up,voice distorted standing in some kind of "Stone Henge" acting like some kind of Patriot,Right!!
What has he done.......NOTHING!!
By the time this buy gets something done,we`ll all be slaves....Right along with him....The Mask Man...Hero....Bull Shit Artist.
Where are the "Deeds"? Their are none!
America dosn`t have enough Patriots to pull a greased string out of a Ducks ass.