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Bad Cops in Phoenix? Az Republic fails to notice

• Sonoran Alliance
Phoenix police raid private residence of of a man who runs the blog:, a blog that is hyper-critical of Phoenix police. The warrant was reported to be missing the page that specified the reasons for the search and seizure.

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Comment by CharS
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"What do they look for in a recruit?"

Lack of moral concerns.

Comment by Hawkeye
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You don`t think for a moment that Arizona would hire cops that are capable of making up their own minds,do you?
These cops are chosen because they have demonstrate that they are willing to do just as they are told,even if it threatens their own families/Children.
Is this the type of person you want protecting you..NO!!!
Someone should infiltrate the "Academies" to find out what these sub humans are being given in their "Salt Peter",and!!!
What do they look for in a Recruit?