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Charlie Daniels Fed Up With Mexican Violence

• Charlie Daniels Soapbox via World Net Daily
"I recently did something I have never done before in my fifty plus-year career, I cancelled a concert because of violence and mayhem."

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Comment by Aaron Stichter (15840)
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Well, I think Charlie is off base here. He gives two options:
1) Give California, Arizona and Texas back to Mexico

2) Take the gloves off and mount an all out border war with these bloodthirsty thugs.

Destroy their drug tunnels, confiscate and destroy their drugs and ultimately destroy them, by whatever means necessary.

Both suck and wouldn't work. I'm sure he's just venting. But I wish he would consider the best choice of the US legalizing drugs and getting the money out in the open.

Comment by Paul Zimmerman (19062)
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I used to like Charlie Daniels before he became a rightwing hypocrite. He hasn't written a good song since 'Long Haired Country Boy'.

End the war on drugs and end this problem.