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Schenectady mayor considers martial law over police woes

• Capital News 9
Mayor Brain Stratton visited Obama the week before he volunteered his city to be taken over by the military.

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Comment by Charzhome S.
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Just a NWO stooge floating a trial balloon for his masters, I strongly suspect. It's not exactly the kind of idea (Gee! I have staffing problems. Maybe I should FIRE everyone & bring in the U.S. military!) that would normally occur to anyone at all sound of mind.

Another point is, how can he propose an action that is so blatantly illegal? (Because of Posse Comitatus) At best it makes him look like a total ignoramus; at worst: a stooge floating a trial balloon to see whether the peasants would lie down for martial law.

Interesting too how instantly the news of this small-town event spread like wildfire...

Comment by Found Zero
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Schenectady NY. Pretty sleepy little town one would have thought. I'm not familiar with the facts of the case, but it's hard to imagine a little spec like Schenectady requiring federalized troops.

Wouldn't it seem that a mayor so beset is sort of declaring his own vote of no-confidence in himself? Off-hand, it sounds like the local boyscouts would be a good replacement and example for future law officer training.

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