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There are 2 classes the Robbing Class and the ROBBED Class

• Cindy Sheehan
Since this country was founded, it has been governed, or controlled by the Robber Class. Some people call our “Lords,” the Ruling Class, the Oligarchy, the Kleptocracy, or Plutocracy. Some call our system Cronyism, a Democratic Tyranny, Soft-core Fas

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Comment by Ed Price
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What is a peaceful soldier in the time of war?

Here's what it is all about... from the human side of things.

Everybody lives for a time, and then everybody dies.

Almost everybody figures this out after awhile, and most people would rather live youthful, happy and... forever that way.

The super wealthy have figured this out a long time ago, and they, like everybody, want to live.

Present scientific investigation and medical technology seem to be coming close to finding the way to make it happen. But, things of nature are so complicated that it is still difficult to know for sure if it can be done - eternal life, that is.

In fact, nature is so complicated that even the super wealthy can't afford the scientific investigation that yet needs to be done, so that they can live forever (or if not forever, at least several hundred years). What they CAN do is manipulate the poor people of the world to "force" them into helping with the scientific investigation, one way or another.

So, here we are, the poor people of the world, being forced into helping the rich. And it is being done by the rich using our own emotions and emotional states and ignorance of human nature, etc., against us.

Once the wealthy find the cure for death, will they give it to us? They might. But they will probably think long and hard before they do. And by then, all of this generation will be dead anyway.

So, rather than playing the game of the rich, lets seek the One Who is able to make such a nature so complicated that mere humans can't figure it out, and only make guesses about most of the reason that it even exists.

Why? If anybody holds the key to eternal life, He is the one. Having GIVEN us everything that we have already, maybe He will even give us eternal life, if we just ask Him.

Comment by Ed Price
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dead alive
fearful fearless
saved unsaved
righteous unrighteous
ignorant and more ignorant
Everybody believes in God. Some don't know it about themselves. Many are simply unwilling to admit it.