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Slave Reparations Act Introduced In House

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"(C) Whether, in consideration of the Commission's findings, any form of compensation to the descendants of African slaves is warranted." Cost of the Commission alone? $8,000,000.

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Comment by William Klepzig (19107)
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I am most willing to give any person who was enslaved by other African tribes, sold to a British or European slaveer, brought to the South auctioned off and then has spent the last hundrd and thirty years as a slave in the United States of America.
If you are in America give thanks no matter how you came here. If you are unhappy you are free to take your money and leave. That is Freedom. Americans if African heritage lost the right to wine when the Oman entered the White House. Get over it. Get an education and do like the rest of us, work, slowly build up a home and then pay it all to the medical doctors just before you die!

Comment by Jet Lacey (17811)
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Nothing personal toward anyone, but why should I have to pay reparations when I can prove that my entire family lineage didn't come to America until 20 years after slavery was over.

It ain't gonna happen folks, not on my watch.

Does anyone else find themselves angrier and angrier every day?

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