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YouTube Star (Portraying Thomas Paine!) Summoned to White House?

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Watch these FANTASTIC videos! This Guy Bob Basso ROCKS!!!

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I'm very glad that so many of us here see what's going on. This is the 'steam valve' being offered the people. But the foundation of what's being said is still a 'central plan' for the (fill in the blank) problem.

Collectivism is the disease, and you can't cure collectivism with more collectivism. We can't depend on others or a group of others,... and sure as heck can't depend on an organization of others (even if we are one of the 'others') to fix anything. It like advocating, "We must Stomp out Violence".

Stay informed, inform others. But joining a collective has to have a purpose other than the expansion of that collective. If that purpose doesn't include the daily freeing of individual minds then you are more effective on your own.

This 'Tom Paine' guys doesn't challenge collective authority. He is advocating what it should be used for. "We DEMAND a nicer cage".

This to shall pass,... no matter how much the establishment tries to prop it up.

Comment by Found Zero
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Bravo Powell et al!

Why is it that some oddball that LOOKS like us, with some sort of production budget always gets the attention? This guy certainly isn't worth our attention. Democracy. What a pestilence.

Here this guy sits invoking our founding fathers and our documents and he spews his socialist-derived drivel. And what does he get?

An invitation to the White House? A chance to articulate for his so-called "revolution"? The "second" one?

Thank Gods I'm in the First American Revolution, the one that never stopped. Currently branded as the R3VOlUTION.

We remember who we are and we know who we aren't.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Speaking of sucking on the hind tit of a dead cow....

This guy is confused. You can't get less government by imploring government to do things the way you want them done. Social Security, Universal Draft, Immigration control. That is all about restricting freedoms. This boy be confused.

It is all nice and dandy that he packages his rhetoric in revolutionary language, but after seeing what he is saying needs be fixed, it is no wonder Obama wants to talk with him...they are on the same page.

Comment by Jennifer Burk
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Wow Ms Taggert, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Comment by Dagny Taggart
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I have a few issues with Mr. Basso's video:

1. Social Security is un-Constitutional, NOBODY should HAVE to pay into it. I want to manage my own retirement. I want to keep my own money. I do not want or need a Nanny Government that thinks it knows how to spend/invest my money better than I do. If anything, Social (in)Security should be VOLUNTARY. FOR EVERYONE!

2. Term Limits are un-Constitutional and cut both ways. Sure you get rid of some of the bums but it also throws out the people who are actually trying to help! With Term Limits, Ron Paul would never have been able to open the eyes of so many people.

3. The Electoral College is BRILLIANT! Eliminating it is a terrible idea. Presidential Candidates wouldn't even bother campaigning in the smaller States and it would only serve to guarantee tyranny of the majority. A better idea is to mandate that all State Primary Elections be held on the same day, and make Election Day a National Paid Holiday. Google it and find out how the math actually works. Like the World Series, a President needs to win MULTIPLE STATES to win the "championship", 50 distinct and separate elections instead of just one "winner take all".

4. We are not a representative democracy. We are a Republic. In a Republic, private property is never subject to vote and never subject to "mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the population can take away the Rights of the other forty-nine." (Jefferson) The word Democracy doesn't appear anywhere in the Constitution. READ THE FEDERALIST PAPERS!

5. "Mandatory Universal Service"? I guess the 13th amendment means nothing anymore? "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

6. He briefly mentions currency, but WHAT OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE? It is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL, PRIVATELY OWNED banking cartel. They CAUSED this economic collapse!

Comment by Richard Stone
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Don't go Bob, you may not come back or if you do you may be compromised (censored), stand your ground, I got your back!!!!!!!