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Quo warranto: One short step before the overthrow

• The Idaho Observer
The Supreme Court is not our last peaceful means to boot the impostor from the White House.

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Comment by Billy Mills
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I have been reporting all that I can get my hands on about this tyrant occupying OUR Whitehouse. He is an ILLEGAL ARAB AFRICAN IMMIGRANT.
He avoided Customs when he entered OUR Country, has only a Forged Birth Certificate. He is a Highly Educated Muslim Trained to Infiltrate OUR Country. I agree that the longer Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi and Guightner are there, the worse OUR Country will be, especially if they get the HR45 Bill passed t6o take all of OUR GUNS Thay have to GO....

Comment by Richard Stone
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Do we have an illegal allien in the White house? Maybe so

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Just another irritation on the way to the revolution. Boink, boink, boink. Are ya feelin it now?