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"VW To Launch 258 MPG Car - Cost $600 US" - Reality, or Internet Rumor?

• via four websites & internet search!
I saw this on and tracked it all the way back to a forum post with some impressive pictures! I couldn't find anything from VW about it though... Please post what you find in the comment section. Ed.

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Thank you so much for the information, Don!

Comment by Don Barletta
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This car was developed by VW in 2001. VW calls it the "1-Litre" car, as its original design target was to travel at least 100 km per 1 litre of fuel. Encompassing all of the requirements for excellent fuel economy, this car is light, aerodynamic, and uses a relatively small one cylinder diesel engine as I recall. Over the years since 2001, VW has at times said they will never make this car, and at other times they have said that it will be produced. Most recently in 2008, the CEO of VW said that they are going to make this car in "very limited production", whatever that means. I have read many articles on this car over the years, and I have never seen a mention of any potential retail price, so the $600 USD potential price tag is a fallacy. Even a production version of this car, made of fiberglass or plastic instead of carbon fiber, without all of the titanium parts on this one, would still probably get at least 150 mpg, and could be retailed for under $10,000. I have been telling VW repeatedly for years that if they make it, I'm a buyer. Unfortunately like most prototype extremely fuel-efficient vehicles, like Toyota's Eco1, and many others -- this car will probably never be made.

Comment by Tom Westbrook
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You won't see this in the U.S. You'll only see it free market countries.