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Would you install US Homeland Security free software on your computer?

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"While tools have existed for individual users, this is the only free tool -- and the most comprehensive one -- available for enterprises like federal and state government and private sector networks to determine the extent to which their system

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Comment by Found Zero
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I want DHS to install software on my computer. I want DHS to write code on my body. I want them installed in my pants and in my long,luxurious hair. I want DHS soap, shampoo and tooth paste. I believe that DHS should be exalted as superior persons and I think they should develop their own language and replace all world religion. I want a DHS calendar full of titanically boring people sitting at titanic desks. I and the millions of people who love DHS so much that we can't actually be DHS, otherwise there would be nobody to worship them.

Comment by Chip Saunders
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Not only no,...but F@%K NO!!!

This is the traditional well-worn path of our masters;...create a problem,...propose themselves as the solution to the problem,...take more and more each time they "solve" a problem.

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