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Barack Obama's New World Order

• Time magazine
At almost every stop, Obama has made clear that the U.S. is but one actor in a global community. Talk of American economic supremacy has been replaced by a call from Obama for more growth in developing countries....with heavy emphasis on cooperation

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Comment by William Klepzig
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The global economie has to destroy the American industrial base for two reasons. The first is security for a global bank or UN to take over all governments, making each individual country no more then a state as far as power. The second is to allow, require Americans to purchase products from around the world thus transfering Americas wealth to others and making the American dollar and economy equal to all coountries.
You can stop this, but remember both political parties now running this country and the top financial people around the world, plus the millions of Americans who love handouts are against this idea. A centralist party that states American goals. A party that states it will fix the dollar to a real object so your time at work has a value concerning buying power. A party that knows the way to fix the education problem is to use the same education programs the rich private schools use and have military schools for those who are a danger/problem in school. This trillions, have Americans buy the bonds and gain the interest. The homes that went toxic, cut their value by 60% and give anyone a one time loan, they have to live in the home three years, a one percent loan. Do that with every home owner in the country if you want to start the economy again. Drugs, make them the same as the legal drugs we now accept.
What the Hay, after all I can't do any worse then years taking over a fifth rate nation and then spending a few hundred trillion giving your money to the sdame people who lost it all in the first place..