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Badges, fake guns, interrogations and arrests in IRS simulation for students

An IRS training program called the Adrian Project was held at Pittsburg State Univ., giving students a real world simulation including badge and fake gun. The goal is to help accounting and criminal justice students who are interested in the career.

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Comment by Charles Hallam
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Let me get this right. The IRS (which is nothing but organized crime) are giving guns and badges to US Citizens (students) and so they will be ready to arrest,detain, jail and possibly shoot another citizen for "commiting a crime" that is not even a law. The 16th Amendment required a minimum of 2/3 votes to be ratified. They was 36 votes ONLY 2 VOTED FOR RADIFICATION. 2, people. LAst tim eI checked, 2/3 of 36 is 24. Also the last time I checked, 2 was not any where near 2/3's of 36.
Is every freakin' American on the continent truely blind? Look how many people have refused to pay that illegal tax and walked away and STILL do not pay taxes on their labor. All I can say is, any of you that have had your eyes opened in the last 77 days, need to prepare, because a revolution is coming SOON. Do ya think George Washington and the boys would stand for this crapola? NOPE. The British tried this crap on the New World and lost MISERABLY. SInce the 60's American citizens have gone soft and are for the most part, a bunch of WIMPS. We'll soon find out who the wimps are and who the true Patriots are. Patriots are WILLING to DIE for the Consitution, everyone that ain't williung, is a freakin' coward.