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Federal Tax Receipts Off 28% - Deficit Triples to $957 Billion for 1st Six Months

In March, the deficit widened to $192.3 billion from $48.2 billion in March 2008. Outlays rose 41% to $321.2 billion from $227 billion, while receipts dropped 28% to $129 billion from $178.8 billion.

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Comment by William Klepzig (19107)
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I know, I know I don't have the proper educational papers to state this and I lack the indebth understanding of the total picture of this economic downfall, frankly I don't care. But I do gave a few suggestions. First every person who receives a check in the United States has to but United States Savings Bonds equal to 3% of that check. That way we pay off the loans the Oman is setting up and we the people get the interst on those trillions. A win win for Americans and a stick in the face to Oman and China. Second all home loan principal amounts are cut by 33% and you can refi at 1%. This is open for 6 months. That gives every working, home owning American money in his checking account that will be used to purchase a different home or items they need. All fuel costs fixed for two years at 1.50 a gallon for gas and the same for fuel.
If you have any better ideas fire them up, the fools in Washington think that printing a few trillion will fix every thing, however after Christmas the bills will come in and you are the Santa that Gets To Pay Them.