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Merchant Captains Comment On Piracy: "Give Us Mounted Machineguns"

• Wall Street Journal
Merchant seamen want to arm themselves, but their "leaders" in the Maryland-based Seafarers Union oppose the idea.

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Comment by William Klepzig (19107)
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As a business the danger to the ship and cargo, some worth hundreds of millions does not justify the few millions the insurance companies pay or the extra charge of three cents per item the ship is hauling.
I am for arming the ships with special crews that bring on weapons that can sink any vessel that comes with in three hundred yards of the ship. Simple sturdy mouts for weapons and a military force to ten to twelve for three days travel while the ship passes threw the danger zone would be less then three ransoms paid each year. But what do know, the navy knows the area they leave from, the type of boats they use, the distance they can travel and the shipping in the area yet the can't have a ship with in calling distance when needed? I think, once again that we aare being mislead. There are ways to stop the activities, view the movement of small boats and protect the cargo. But so far it seems unless the crews react the ship goes to port and nothing happens. Where o where are the seals and snipers.