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Police State: The Naked Machines are Coming to an Airport Near You

Mortified yet? USA Today found that most flyers had no idea how graphic the naked machines’ images are, even before they stepped inside and subjected themselves to these virtual strip-searches.

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Comment by Aaron Stichter (15840)
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Agreed, Pakistan is a big problem to their enemies. This article, however, is propaganda to stir up war support. I know its not an honest security briefing because nowhere in the article do I see the words ISI, Saudi Arabia, Mahmood, CIA etc.

The line where the Obama advisor says that the Taliban will control Afghanistan and Pakistan is laughable. The Taliban doesn't have the power! The ISI, CIA, Iran, India and Saudi Arabia have the power. Add in Russia and China if you'd like. The Taliban are tools like Al Qaeda are tools. The Taliban are tools like machine guns are tools. The Taliban are tools like the Northern Alliance are tools (for us).

Best advice is to not be an enemy of Pakistan (leave the scene). Let them self destruct and let India fight them for Kashmir.

This world is not ready for world peace. Too many borders are drawn wrong for too many people.