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Tempe pastor: Border Patrol beat him at checkpoint

• ABC15

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Comment by Rusty Shackleford
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The problem here is going to be that since he is a law abiding US Citizen he probably won**Q**t get much...probably not even an apology.

However, if he was an illegal alien smuggling drugs, he could sue...and win!...about $5 Million...and the BP agents would get 11-12 years in prison......

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The following current stories are the reasons why tasers are supposed to be for situations where a gun or nightstick might be used. Not for compeling behavior or punishment. They are potentially lethal...just less lethal or less likely to result in serious injury than the aforementioned weapons.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The KPHO (CBS TV5) interview is now online with video.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The questions it will be interesting to know (if the recordings of the incident survive) are:

1.. Since so much time transpired, did the DPS get a search warrant? Or did they just violently break into an occupied vehicle to facilitate the search of it? It is one thing to have **QQ**probable cause**QQ** because of a K-9 alerting on the outside of a vehicle. But this was a contained situation, with the occupant cooperating in so far as not trying to leave the scene of the checkpoint without being so instructed. And clearly refusing a search of his vehicle. Probable cause or not, you need a warrant from a judge to force an entry.

2. Did the DPS officers identify themselves before breaking into his vehicle?

3. If there was no resistance, then tasers were being used to compel compliance, submission, to disorient or to punish the vehicle occupant. All against both the taser manufacturer**Q**s guidelines and the DPS**Q** own procedures.

4. If there was not resistance how does the DPS account for the occupants injuries in being subdued? And what was the ultimate charges that compelled a violent entry into the occupied vehicle.

5. Does the DPS have an agreement with the federal DHS, border patrol to be their armed goons when the feds lay impotent at a road block. Clearly the feds had no power to compel a search. Clearly the DPS did ... with their nightsticks.

6. Did the DPS order the occupant out of his vehicle before attempting to violently break into it? What was the order? Was it repeated? What was the response? Did they notify the occupant of the consequences of failing to exit the vehicle on demand? How much time elapsed between any order to leave and the violent entry being performed?

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Anderson**Q**s lucky he wasn**Q**t dressed provocatively, or the peanut gallery would be excusing his rape at the hands of DPS.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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Gees, be sure to read the comments on the ABC15 article. Clear that they did not watch the pastor**Q**s video, just read a few paragraphs of the article.

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