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Three Successes in the War on Immigrants

• Jacob Hornberger / FFF

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Comment by Brock Lorber
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RShackleford, while you are giving us **QQ**fair market rates**QQ** why don**Q**t you give us Monday**Q**s QQQ and set the line on Monday**Q**s games, too.

C**Q**mon, help a brotha out with your numerology knowledge.

Comment by Rusty Shackleford
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Yep this country needs to realize that there are some jobs Americans just won**Q**t do!

This is true today just like it was 200 years ago.
You couldn**Q**t get a white guy to go do a job (pick cotton) for no or little pay..... so we solved that problem by skirting the issue of supply and demand by getting a group of people (black slaves) that would do the work for next to nothing.

Here is a thought, lets just bring in a bunch of third world lawyers that will do legal work for about $15/hour for sense spending the going rate of what American lawyers are charging....$400/hour is a crock.

Pay a man what he is worth and you will get people (Americans) to pick your damn tomatoes!

Yes, maybe we will need to pay a **QQ**fair market rate**QQ** for our produce.

Employing illegal aliens is a kin to keeping the price of cotton down by using slaves to do the dirty work....The work no American would do before circa 1865.

Comment by Darren Wolfe
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We**Q**re going to **QQ**success**QQ** ourselves to ruin. Maybe if the govt would only fail a little more. ;-)

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