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Rent-A-Cops: Cash-Strapped Cities Using Private Armed Guards Instead of Police

• Wall Street Journal

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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Well, IF the liability for any wrong doing was left fully in force against the company, I am inclined to say it CAN be a good thing. But just as we have seen with the so-called privatization experiment with prisons, it all falls apart when the prison companies demand and get limitations and exemptions from liability,...which they get or they refuse to honor the contracts. The same will happen here with this. And as with the prisons, the eventual outcome will be worse **QQ**service**QQ** than prior to the effort.

But the good news is that during the infancy of the new experiment, lawsuits are still a viable recourse to reclaim damages from these private entities. It won**Q**t last long.

Comment by Richard Stone
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Great ! I thought that the entry standards for police had already been lowered as far as possible and hit rock bottom. The result being more abuse, more lawsuits because of unprofessional behaviour and an over all lack of respect and trust in police by the citizens. Now the very people that could not meet the low entry standards to become police are now going to protect us ????
This is a shortsighted decision that will cost the taxpayers more in the long run in lawsuits and it no doubt will be a disaster in the making. Does every one feel safe now? My advice, exercise your second amendment and then dial 911. Depend on yourself.

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