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Hackers Swipe Terabytes of Sensitive Pentagon Data

• By Roy Mark

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Comment by Trouser Chili
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Link wasn**Q**t working, so try this:

For those of you who don**Q**t know much about computers, there are some glaring problems with this article.

First of all, to steal **QQ**several terabytes**QQ** of data would take a LONG time. There is no way somebody wouldn**Q**t notice this, as long as they were watching.

Secondly, having sensitive data such as this accessible to the rest of the internet should get somebody fired.

Thirdly, this data must have been internally encrypted. Not only would the perpetrators have to hack into the Pentagon**Q**s systems, but they would have to crack the encryption ciphers - There should be more than one for so much data.

Paired with the recent story of how somebody broke into our power grid, and the fact that there is a bill in the house giving the president the power to shutdown the internet, I see this as a false flag operation designed to accelerate the demise of the network that keeps the freedom movement alive.

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