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Ron Paul Didn’t Expect This Response From Hillary Clinton...I Almost fell out of my chair!


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Comment by Morpheus Titania
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Barry, It**Q**s not registering with me how Hillary (the Dragon Queen), giving props to Ron Paul is Dangerous. Lets make hay while the sun is shining. She is basically legitimizing Ron Paul**Q**s message to the people that follow her. The fact she did this in public and on the record at a congressional hearing is about the strongest statement she could possibly give. I find it nothing short of REMARKABLE! This is strong and I for one am going to make a big deal out of this with any and all Democrats that I run into.

Comment by Barry Hess
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This could signal a dangerous trend wherein the Dems are forced by circumstances they created, to **QQ**become more Libertarian**QQ**. this gives them an out on all the promises of **QQ**more**QQ** or **QQ**change**QQ**. Her acknowledgement will lead others to go back and take a look at Ron (on the Internet). On the other hand, the sheer willingness to publicly flatter Dr. Paul is amazing. She**Q**s legitimizing him--to Dems! That**Q**s gonna take a bit of doing.

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