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Almost Half of Georgia GOP Favors Secession

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Comment by Ed Price
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There**Q**s no need to secede. Just do what the Federal Government did to itself back in 1914 via the 17th Amendment and the **QQ**State of the District of Columbia**QQ** formed in 1871. Now, we can turn the state government into a permanent loop by making a law that limits any enforcement by the state of anything... especially of acting in any way whatsoever in the future. Then form a new corporate authority to take over government operations for the territory.

A new **QQ**state**QQ** government could be designed much better, based on a couple hundred plus years of experience. The Federal Government could have their old useless one back for whatever they wanted it for - since the final law that it passed would have eliminated its ability to act in any way anyway.

No secession, yet moving on.

One thing to remember is that Washington can find an excuse to do anything - including making slaves of the people of Georgia or any state. So, whatever any governing body does, it must have strength behind it, or it won**Q**t work.

Our strength worked against King George back then.

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