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Free Ashton Lundeby!<br>by Will Grigg

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Well this one has to be studied seriously. I don**Q**t like juveniles in adult prisons, they are no place for children. If Ashton wasn**Q**t a criminal when he went in, there**Q**s every chance he**Q**ll be one when he comes out---even some inmates call it **QQ**con college**QQ**. I say this with some hesitation because there are many in government and law enforcement who would find this a perfectly good reason to keep him in for life.

But this update tells us that a person close to or inside the **QQ**federal side**QQ** considers this a slam-dunk case. Perhaps it was George Tenet? Good ol**Q** **QQ**Slam Dunk Tenet**QQ**. Heckuva job Brownie ad nausea. But very well, if some Fed thought this boy is a threat, then by all means investigate. I**Q**ll never condone supercession of the Constitution by any so-called authority and I**Q**ll never condone the way this case is being handled, but by all means, investigate.

There**Q**s one thing that jumps out at me: the **QQ**stolen IP address**QQ**. Any network administrator knows it**Q**s possible to have a duplicate IP address on a network, but these are VERY POIGNANTLY DETECTABLE and they cause numerous network anomalies.

Any network administrator knows it**Q**s possible to **QQ**spoof**QQ** and IP address or even indeed a MAC address via various means. The **QQ**man in the middle**QQ** attack comes to mind. But this generally implies a level of sophistication and resources not thought to be in the domain of capricious hackers.

The account of other hacking activity and the **QQ**bizarre and threatening phone calls**QQ** fits the profile of a capricious hacker, a young idiot basically. Not in international terrorist ring bent on super-secrecy. I mean, come on. The phone calls and other suspicious activity are like a calling card that says **QQ**we**Q**re screwing with you**QQ**.

And while Ashton**Q**s seemingly normal American-boy life seems to contradict any such accusations, let**Q**s not forget that the Columbine Kids seemed perfectly normal to their parents too. Their parents seem perfectly normal themselves when the TV cameras are on them. How can we know what goes on in people**Q**s houses? Lots of seemingly normal, respectable people have committed horrific crimes. Happens all the time.

Again, none of this excuses the defilement of the Constitution we see here and in this ugly **QQ**PATRIOT ACT**QQ**. Which is what it is, it**Q**s an act or more appropriately, a farce, a cheap and perverted copy of patriotism. But let**Q**s stand on that ground and see what evidence is produced.

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