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Virgin sees space tourism as just the beginning

• Reuters

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Comment by Aaron Stichter
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I**Q**m not in IT, but from what I understand about these server farms (the ones that host google search, youtube, etc.) are that they consume large amounts of power and are hard to keep cool. Also, they are getting smaller and lighter as chip tech progresses.

Shipping one up to space makes a lot of sense depending on cost of payload launch.

1. Power. Solar is much more efficient in space.
2. Heat. Space is cold and great for computers.
3. Data Comm. Data can be transmitted wirelessly.

1. Radiation, solar flares could wipe out data, electronics
2. Cost to launch

Comment by Powell Gammill
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All of yours space it belongs to us.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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**QQ**Later, the aircraft could be used to launch small satellites or take other payloads into space, Whitehorn says. **QQ**We could put all of our server farms in space quite easily.**QQ** **QQ**

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