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Cattail Biomass

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Except the propensity to take over, cattail growing seems to have great promise. While I think the US should be drilling our own oil, I have no problem with alternative sources for energy. Why can**Q**t we drill with the goal of phasing out oil as new energy sources for transportation come on line?

Another plant that can be of great biofuel benefit is hemp. The biggest down side to hemp, as far as I can tell, is that it won**Q**t get ya high. :-) Also any **Q**gorilla**Q** MJ growers in the area of a hemp crop would lose their crop to pollination of their plants by hemp plants.

On the good side...there is such a long list of benefits for growing hemp that I will leave you to look them up.

For fun look for Henry Ford**Q**s hemp auto at YouTube. While you are at YT check out an old film put out by the US Gov, Hemp For Victory. Also at YT find Running From The Cure: The Rick Simpson Story. Also watch the DVD **Q**Grass**Q** narrated by Woody Harrelson.

Worried about illegal MJ? Check out the site of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Also check out Jack Here**Q**s website. Jack gives a lot of good info about the potential of hemp if the US returns to growing it as well as an overview of hemp & MJ use through the ages. .

Also the history of hemp & MJ is important to know. Here is a tidbit for ya: Did you know that MJ was NOT the target of the 30**Q**s prohibitionists? They were after hemp, NOT it out, you may be surprised at all the US gov contradictions, lies & misconceptions regarding hemp & MJ. Another tidbit: did ya know that it was once ILLEGAL NOT to grow hemp in the USA?


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